It's what I've been waiting for all my life... awesome.
--The Daily Show's J. R. Havlan

Hilarious.--Village Voice

The love child of Natalie Merchant and Tenacious D, had they been a threesome. --Rolling Stone Magazine (okay, Rolling Stone didn't say that, I did. Whatever.)

If you're lucky, Kaplan will sing and play guitar, and then you'll laugh until you can't breathe.
--Time Out New York

Whether she's describing her pre-schooler's lingering trauma over a fire drill or asking the musical question, "Who do I have to fuck to get laid around here?" writer, comedian, and singer-songwriter Cynthia Kaplan is sharp, observant, and really, really funny.
--The Pennyslvania Gazette

Cynthia Kaplan has always made me laugh. No small feat.
--Lewis Black

I think Cindy Kaplan has long been one of the undefinable bright spots in the New York performance scene. What is she? A comedian? A singer? An author? Listen to her CD FANGRY and you'll get an idea. She's hilarious.
--Comedian Tom Shillue

Cynthia is sweetly stuck in an ageless time-warp; neither teen nor adult, neither virgin nor whore. Her self-deprecating, shit-talking, outsmarting lyrical wit never overpowers the far more powerful message that she, like us, just wants to be loved.
--Recording artist Julia Darling