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•Summer 2007 Some Friendly Advice For the Man of the House

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•October 2007 The Bush-Bootstrap Defense
•June 2007 Conflation Nation

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•August 1997 Pennies From Heaven
•December 1997 And They Call It Puppy Love
•August 1998 Just How Thirsty Are You?
•February 1999 Better Safer Warmer

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•July 1998 Alexis de Tocqueville: The Man They Love to Quote or All for Tocqueville and Tocqueville for All
•May 2000 Skip the Testosterone Gel; Pass Mayo and Ice Cream
•August 2002 The Few, the Proud

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•March 2002 Putting on the Ritz
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•December 2004 A Squirrel Stores His Nuts

•March 2003 Home Sweet Home

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•Fall 2002 Lost and Found: The Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber

•November 2002 Jack Has a Thermos

•July 2002 The Story of R
This was a lesson to me of what happens when you agree to let a women's magazine take your 4000 word essay and shrink it to 1000 words, add bullet points, and basically turn it into a self-help column. Sure, I got paid, so what. Anyway, here is the original.
•July 2000 Found a Peanut

•1999 Legend (with Amy Krouse Rosenthal)
This is a strange sort of map of Alberta with a legend identifying imaginary landmarks such as "sand." "shadow puppet," and "I used to have it, and lost it." Amy and I wrote it together and I profess still to not completely understand it. I cannot reproduce it for you here, but I think that's okay.


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