I co-wrote this movie with John Walsh (not the America's Most Wanted guy, although he is an excellent, excellent guy) who also directed the indy cult hit Ed's Next Move. I am also in this movie, because why write a movie and not write yourself a part. I was in Ed's Next Move, as well, but my part was so small I didn't have a name. I called myself Janice.

I am in another movie, called Work, which was directed by Rachel Reichman and premiered at New Directors New Films at the Museum of Modern Art. In it I play an unhappily married woman who falls in love with the black chick next door. I am told by my husband's family that my on-screen affair with this woman may have been a factor in his father's death, which followed shortly. I don't know where this film can be bought or rented. Personally, I think it is a very good movie. Depending upon several factors—your fondness for low- budget indy movies with some lesbian content, say, or how badly you do or do not want to see my naked breasts on screen—it may or may not be worth the trouble to find it.