FANGRY is here! The long-awaited new album (there isn't an old one, actually) from Cynthia Kaplan's band, The Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal, has finally arrived complete with all of Kaplan's best-loved comedy rock songs (or cock songs, as they are called in the business) as well as some all new, never before heard headbangers and power ballads.

"If you're lucky Kaplan will sing and play guitar and then you'll laugh until you can't breathe." -Time Out New York

Produced by famed New York musican Jon Spurney, FANGRY boasts the rare talents of guitarist Tony Salvatore, rock violinist Deni Bonet, and singer Sean Altman, not to mention much serious shredding by the Spurn, himself.

You can download individual songs or the whole album right now at or!

The classics Who Do I Have to Fuck, Fishsticks, Bride of Christ, Merry Christmas to You, Hip Hip Hooray, and If Only are all here, along with the debuts of Kaplan's Messiah, Letter from Dr. Randall Berkhauser, Vomit If You Must, School Supplies, Gingivitis Can Kill You, and the already infamous, devastating Goodbye Song.

We here at were super curious about the origins of FANGRY-truth is, we didn't even know Kaplan was a singer-songwriter and had a band. Below is our recent interview with her, gotten at great inconvenience and expense, because she insisted we do it live, in Paris. What's the deal?

CK: I've been writing and performing comedy rock songs for many, many years, in clubs all over the country. Where you been? What took you so long to record an album?

CK: I had other shit to do. Like what?

CK: None of your business. You know what? We're done here.

(At this point Kaplan threw her chair, upended a basket of pain au chocolate, and stormed out. We've compiled an unauthorized bio, which you can read here.)

Through sources close to the rocker, we learned that Kaplan had a peripatetic childhood, traveling the world as the infant muse of the band The Moody Blues. She eventually settled in suburban Connecticut, where she lived with a family called Kaplan and went to junior high school. There she played field hockey and performed in a production of "Finian's Rainbow."

During summers, while the Kaplans thought she was at an exclusive summer camp for Jewish girls, she reunited with the band and continued to develop both personally and professionally. It was during one of these summers that her relationship with Justin Hayward turned romantic and she began to write poetry and learned to play the guitar. Before long, she composed her first two songs, "Lovely to See You Again" and "Tuesday Afternoon."

Back in Connecticut, Kaplan attended high school. She made the varsity field hockey team. After that, she attended university and drama school, and wrote two books, Why I'm Like This and Leave the Building Quickly. She also bore seven children for the Moody Blues, one per plus two extra, after which she came back to the U.S. and started her band.

The plan now is to keep you up to date on all things Fangry. For live gigs click here. To download the album or any of the songs, again, go to or or iTunes. You can also buy a cd at any of Kaplan's gigs or by asking her nicely. She also barters and makes in kind deals. To hear songs from the album go here, and for lyrics go here. If you are a fan of the Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal and didn't know that Cynthia Kaplan was an acclaimed author, go to the books area and poke around. There's lots to read and see and hear.

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