"The eyes are the windows of the head."

May 9, 2017

The Donner Party

Also, this:

If you are glad spring is finally here, please give a thought to those who did not make it through the winter.

In 1846.

My short film/documentary short/music video, We Were the Donner Party, had a nice life this year on the festival circuit. I recently posted it on Youtube. Why don't you watch it and get my views up for me, for Chrissake?



Hey, I know I haven't mentioned it, but we're coming on almost a year of Lean Over shows!

What's Lean Over and why have I not mentioned it? It's a comedy variety show hosted by Yours Truly, Karen Bergreen and Cate Smit, and I'm lazy. Lean Over is produced by the great Lisa Cohen. It happens the last Tuesday of every month, at The West End Lounge, which is at West End Avenue and 107th Street in New York City.

Our guests have included Jim Gaffigan, Corey Kahaney, Dave Hill, Myq Kaplan (no relation-there are thousands of us), Mike Albo, Jeannie Gaffigan, Ophira Eisenberg, and sooo many others.

We also, because we are totally holier that thou, give the proceeds from each show to an organization whose beneficiaries are under threat by the current REGIME. These have included the ACLU, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Physicians for Reproductive Health, and the Equal Justice Initiative.

So come. There is alcohol, great comedy and music (mostly mine), and decent food. And you'll do some good for someone, somewhere. You can find us on Facebook, where all great things go to die.

December 17, 2016

2016: The Shitty Year Ends on a Shitty Note!

Well, not with me, personally. I'm going to do my best to help you almost forget the disaster that has befallen our nation. Good luck with that.

There are gigs aplenty this month. You can find them here. Bring your friends and your partners but don't bring children or dogs or they'll be cussing in ways your mother-in-law will not appreciate. Nobody likes a potty-mouthed dog.

Thanks. 2017 may very well suck, too. At least there will be the monthly Lean Over shows at the West End Lounge to look forward to. I'll post them on the gig page.

That's all for now.

Almost. I had some new things published this year. Here are two from The Week, if you feel like reading about my asshole dog, Otis.

Death and the Damn Dog

The Dog of Magical Thinking

Also, this was published on scarymommy.com, but they took it down, which I'm glad about because that site makes me want to pull my hair out. Anyway, the great Victoria Rowan popped it up on her Ideasmythe site, which makes me want to fluff my hair.

I Was Thinking About Going to a Kegger

Now I'm really done. I don't believe in God but I will say Godspeed because I like the way it sounds. And we'll need all the help we can get.